Room Availability

Room Availability

Room requests for external organizations

Please contact Marian Drasher at 570-450-3040 or to complete all required forms for use of university facilities.

Room requests for internal users

(Students - Please contact your organization's adviser or Student Affairs at 570-450-3160 to initate a room request.)

Faculty and Staff

If this is your first time requesting a room, log onto and then log out. Your "profile" will be created overnight. Log into the site the next day for access to reserve rooms/spaces.

If your profile has already been created, log onto

Additional information:

  • If your event requires any type of additional IT equipment or support, submit a service request at
  • If your event requires any type of setup including tables, chairs, portable podium, etc., submit a work order through the Maximo system at
  • Catering requests will need to be placed with Housing & Food Services via the Catering Request Form.