Room Usage (Penn State and Off-Campus Users)

Room Usage (Penn State and Off-Campus Users)

The following groups of users can use our classroom technology with certain restrictions. These are explained below by user type.

Penn State Hazleton Users

All local Penn State Hazleton users can use the podiums with little restriction. This includes connecting user laptops (Penn State issued) to the podium with no restrictions. If any special software is needed, please reference the current software policy for faculty and staff.

Penn State Users (Non-Hazleton Users)

Users from other Penn State campuses can log on with their same user id and password used at their home campus. This will allow full use of the podium computers.

Users wishing to connect a laptop to the podium will be allowed but will not be granted a network connection with the use of non-Penn State Hazleton laptops. This is for security reasons listed in the Penn State IT policy.

Outside Groups/Users

All outside users and groups wishing to use the podium computers must apply for a short-term access account. The short-term account request must be submitted by the Penn State Hazleton faculty/staff member who is responsible for the outside user or group. To get the short-term access account, the responsible faculty/staff member must inform the user that identification will be needed to receive the access account. This short-term account will provide the user full access to the podium functions.

Those outside users who wish to connect a laptop to the podium are permitted to do so, but will not have any network connection even with a short-term access account.


Penn State Hazleton facilities may be available for use by outside organizations, pending availability and approvals.

For more information on campus facility use, call 570-450-3040.