At its heart, this is a campaign for Penn State students. A campaign designed to enable the next generation and all succeeding generations of our graduates to realize their full potential as individuals, to sustain their families, advance their professions, and contribute to our country's strength. It is also a campaign to enable Penn State to realize its full potential as an institution to create prosperity, keep our nation competitive, and enhance quality of life.

All of the campaign's objectives are directed toward a single vision: Advancing the frontiers of learning at the most comprehensive, student-centered research university in America.

For Penn State Hazleton, the campaign will deepen our ties with our partners, expand and internationalize our curriculum, and encourage our students' personal and professional growth. Within the University-wide campaign objectives, we have established goals that will bring us bring us closer to fulfilling that vision and creating the educational, cultural, and economic opportunities that our students and our communities need to thrive.

Please review the following page to learn how you can be a major leader in shaping the future through education.

You are invited to call 570-450-3560 to discuss giving opportunities.