Campus Safety Services

Campus Safety Services

Accessing Buildings

Campus community members, university guests, and visitors have access to most buildings and facilities during regular hours (Monday through Friday) and for scheduled weekend events, excluding most holidays. The University Police Department is responsible for locking and unlocking designated university buildings and for patrols of campus grounds and buildings. If you need assistance in gaining entry to a university building or room and no other help is available, you may call the University Police at 570-450-3333. Building hours vary and are posted in each facility.

Crime Watch

Generally, a "Crime Watch" is a group of citizens or residents formed or organized with the goal of preventing crimes from occurring in a general area or neighborhood. These groups are a key part in the overall scheme of public safety and crime prevention. University Police will participate in and give support to individual Residence Hall or general campus crime watch programs if there is interest in same from the campus population. Contact University Police at 570-450-3333 or stop at the office in the West Halls Administration Building for more information.

What is Crime Prevention? 

By definition, Crime Prevention is: "Being aware that a crime can occur, anticipating its form, location, time and victim, and taking action to reduce the chances of its happening."

There are three elements the criminal must possess for a crime to occur:

  • Desire 
  • Ability 
  • Opportunity

Eliminate just one of these elements and no crime will take place. You have no control over the first two elements. Whether the criminal has the desire or ability to commit the crime is solely up to them. However, you can have great control, if no eliminate, the third element - opportunity.

Crime prevention is using instinct, common sense, and action to eliminate or greatly reduce the criminal's opportunity. A large share of the responsibility of reducing criminal opportunity lies with YOU! That is not say that if you are a victim of crime it is your fault and the fault of the criminal... certainly not! But the fact remains that we all have a personal part to play regarding crime prevention.

Emergency Telephones

Emergency outdoor telephones, situated in strategic locations around campus, may be used to report crimes in progress, suspicious persons, medical emergencies, or concerns about your personal safety. Large "Emergency" signs identify these telephones and blue marker lights illuminate the locations at night. Phones are located on the maintenance road between North Residence Hall and the maintenance facility, and outside of the following buildings: North, South and West residence halls, Slusser/Bayzick Building, Physical Education Building, and the on the Kostos Building near the Library.

Lost and Found

Lost and found is located in the Physical Education Building Room 101. Phone: 570-450-3164. Please bring found and check for lost items there. After office hours, University Police should be contacted at 570-450-3333 to report a lost or found item. University Policy AD13

Operation Identification

Operation ID is a program of property identification and inventory that works to protect property like TVs, computers, stereos, and more. Driver's license number and state are conspicuously engraved to prevent resale. An itemized list of each item should include brand name, model number, serial number, estimated value, color, etc.

For soft or porous objects use a contrasting permanent marking pen. For items that cannot be marked, place the object against a plain background and take several color photographs from different angles. Include a ruler in the photograph for scale.

The University Police Department has engravers available to check out. For more information about Operation ID, contact Hazleton University Police at 570-450-3333

Safety Tips 

General tips to use anytime, anywhere:

  • There's safety in numbers-walk with a friend.
  • Travel well lit, heavily used paths.
  • Know your surroundings.
  • Vary your routine: different routes, different times.
  • Engrave your personal belongings.
  • Place identifying marks in and on textbooks.
  • Never broadcast intent to receive money in the mail.
  • Report all crimes; you might not be the only victim.
  • Use deadbolts on residence hall doors.
  • If you receive an obscene phone call hang up immediately

Vehicle Assistance

University Police offer free assistance to students and visitors on campus with the following vehicle related problems:

  • Lock-Out Service - keys locked inside the parked vehicle on campus.
  • Battery Jump Start- vehicle will not start due to a dead or low battery condition.

The University Police will make every effort to resolve the situation, but do not perform any other mechanical work. 

Call University Police at 570-450-3333 if assistance is needed. Please do not call 911 for this non-emergency call.

Victim Services

Any student, guest, or visitor to Penn State Hazleton who consider themselves to be a victim of a crime should report the incident to University Police at 570-450-3333 for the appropriate report, action, investigation or follow-up. Additional support for victims is offered through:

  • Counseling Services located in room 206 of the Slusser/Bayzick Building. Call 570-450-3029 during normal office hours. Note: Health Services is located in room 105 of the Physical Education Building.
  • The Victims Resource Center offers free private and confidential services including a 24-hour hotline, support groups, counseling and advocacy for men, women and children. VRC also provides numerous educational programs for students of all ages, professionals and community groups.

24 hour Hotline:  1-866-206-9050
Office:  570-823-0766
Hotline:  570-823-0765

For more information, please visit