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Stand for State

What is Stand for State? 

Stand for State logo

Stand for State logo

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Stand for State is Penn State’s bystander intervention program focusing on sexual and relationship violence, mental health concerns, acts of bias, and risky drinking and drug use. Based on Green Dot’s bystander intervention model, Stand for State is the culmination of more than two years of work by numerous staff and faculty members across Penn State’s campuses. While there is extensive programming done by other offices pertaining to the same four topics, Stand for State is the Penn State entity with the primary mode of education being bystander intervention.

Green Dot ( is a national leader in violence prevention education. Green Dot is built on the premise that in order to measurably reduce harm on a campus, a cultural shift is necessary. This shift is recognizing that each person who is not okay with violence (labeled as a “red dots”) has a role to play helping create a safer campus for all. The vast majority of people on campus are never going to put a red dot on the campus map. But they can all help reduce harm by choosing to put a green dot on the map instead. They can do this stepping in safely if they ever see a potential red dot, and also by showing the people around them that they aren’t okay with violence (through conversations, attending/supporting violence prevention events, posting to social media, etc.).

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How can I get involved as a student?
Attend the various Stand for State programs that occur at Penn State Hazleton throughout the year, including the 60-minute Stand for State workshop. Sign up for a workshop.

Represent Stand for State proudly with your Stand for State gear. Various swag items are provided to students at Stand for State events.

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Who can I contact for more information about Stand for State?
You can reach out to any of the Penn State Hazleton Stand for State faciltators:

Tracy Garnick
Director of Student Services & Engagement  
105 Butler TLRC

Devon Purington
Associate Director of Student Services & Engagement  
2 North Hall Suite