Undergraduate Research Fair Awards

Undergraduate Research Fair Awards


2015 Spring Award Winners


1st place:
         Diarylethene Containing Photochromic Polymers: Molecular Engineering of Photosensing Plastics
         Shea Myers and Steven Baksa
         Research Adviser: Dr. Dan Patel

2nd place:
        Visible Spectroscopy using Compressive Sensing
        Ian Storer
        Research Adviser: Dr. David Starling

3rd place:
       Characteristics of Chinese Praying Mantis Egg-Laying Sites
       Taylor Egner
       Research Adviser: Dr. Christopher Goguen


1st place:
      The Evolution of London's Metropolitan Police Force Seen through the Eyes of Dr. Watson
      Dante Toth
      Research Adviser: Dr. Pamela Black

2nd place:  (3-way tie):

     Delay Discounting, Executive Function, and Texting While Driving
     Esteban Rivera
     Research Adviser: Dr. Yusuke Hayashi

    An Analysis of the Hometown Farmer's Market (United States) Versus the Borough Market (United Kingdom)
    Lilibeth Fuentes and Laurel Jacketti Funk
    Research Adviser: Paul McDermott

    Delay discounting, texting while driving, and texting in the classroom in college students
    Taylor Cannon
    Research Adviser: Dr. Yusuke Hayashi


2014 Spring Award Winners


1st place: Newton vs. Goethe: Perceptions of Color and its Interactions
Mark Bing-Wychock, Nuclear Engineering
Research Adviser: Dr. Carl Frankel

2nd place: Reservoir Engineering: Using Differential equations to solve Pressure rates
Jacob Fogarty, Petroleum and Natural gas engineering
Research Adviser: Dr.  Frank Marko

3rd place: Design of a Floating Platform for Solar Panels
Richelle Reeder, Mark Landis, and Adebayo Adejare
Research Adviser: Dr. Joesph Ranalli


Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

1st place: "Sell in May and Go Away"?
Ruohao Zhang, Finance
Research Adviser: Dr. Zugang Liu

2nd place: Women Business Owners
Krystin Baker, Letters, Arts, and Sciences
Research Adviser: Dr. Sherry Robinson

3rd place: (Tie):
A Cross-Cultural Traits Analysis of Slovakian, Russian, and American College Students
Brittney Williams, Neuroscience Biology: Psychology Track
Research Adviser: Dr. Frank Marko and Dr. Daniel Mansson

Facebook & Social Network Marketing
Bryant Obeng, Political Science,
Alberto Garcia and Alejandro Wille de la Puente, Finance
Research Adviser: Dr. Zugang Liu


2013 Spring Award Winners

Poster Presentations

1st place: 
Liquid Piston Pump
Daniel O'Donnell
Research Advisor: Dr. Wieslaw Grebski

2nd place: 
Crystillation of N,N,N',N'-Tetraphenylbenzidine
Julia Carter, Shakira Laing, and Heather Schlenker
Research Advisor: Dr. Mamoun Bader

3rd place: 
The Aerodynamics of Plane Wings and Car Spoilers
Ranee Perricone, Tariq Alnuaimi, and Daniel Cho
Research Advisor: Dr. David Starling

Oral Presentations

1st place: 
The Application of Biological Structures and Functions to Robotic Engineering
Christopher T. Russo
Research Advisor: Amie Yenser

2nd place: 
Derivation and Application of Error Back-Propagation in Teaching Multi-Layer Perceptron Artificial Neural Networks
Shane Brophy and Anthony Trezza
Research Advisor: Dr. Frank Marko

3rd place: (Tie)
Solar Survey in the Palm of Your Hand    
Kurt Schaarschmidt
Research Advisor: Dr. Joseph Ranalli

Photonics Research: Designing and Implementing a Single Photon Detector 
Blake Burger and Edward Miller
Research Advisors: Dr.  David Starling and Dr. Joseph Ranalli


2012 Spring Award Winners

Poster Presentations

1st place:
Diazo coupling of 8-hydroxy quinoline and 2,2'-bithiopehe with 4-nitroaniline, and formation of  metal complexes
Eric Piechota and Martin dela Torre
Chemistry and Biology
Research Adviser: Dr. Mamoun Bader

2nd place:
Thermal values of brush piles for wildlife winter
William Wall
Environmental Systems Engineering
Research Adviser: Kenneth Dudeck

3rd place:
Dual Motor and Temperature Dependent Simulations Using a PLC
Luke Keniston
Computer Engineering
Research Adviser: Kenneth Dudeck

Oral Presentations

1st place:
Bridging Classroom Project to Real World Technology Applications: Reverse Engineering Personal Transportation
Shane Brophy
Electrical Engineering
Research Adviser: Dr. Shaobiao Cai

2nd place:
Preferred treatment for ambulation of individuals with an incomplete spinal cord injury resulting in paraplegia
Matt Liptak and Sarah Singer
Research Adviser: Amie Yenser

3rd place:
Are the companies best for employees also best for investors?
Jake Kazi
Research Adviser: Dr. Zugang Liu