Transitioning Sophomores

Transitioning Sophomores

Entrance To Major Requirements

Most students enter a major during spring of their sophomore year (their pool semester) by following the Entrance-to-Major (ETM) process on eLion. This definitely applies to students entering controlled majors.

All students should check ETM Requirements and Procedures to review what must be done to qualify for their majors of interest and learn what steps to take when ready to move into them.

Recommended Academic Plans (RAP)

Recommended Academic Plans provide, in table form, the courses students might schedule semester by semester as they pursue a particular degree. These tables serve several University purposes and assist multiple constituencies: students, advisers, departments, deans, registrars, admissions officers, and family members. The plans:

  • Identify normal academic progress and course offerings needed, and reveal course sequencing;
  • Assist students and advisers in planning students' schedules both short-term and long-range, registrars and departments in planning course offerings, and registrars and deans in determining when students should change campus;
  • Help prospective students and their families to anticipate the academic workload and courses needed to earn a degree and students to anticipate when courses will be offered in order to appropriately schedule prerequisites;
  • Serve as tools to help advisers learn the curriculum

Semester scheduling recommendations for all baccalaureate and associate degree majors can also be found in the University Bulletin.

For more information on Recommended Academic Plans visit the Division of Undergraduate Studies Website.

Undergraduate Bulletin (Bluebook)

The Undergraduate Bulletin is a document that provides academic information for students to guide them through their undergraduate career at Penn State. It contains academic program information, policy and procedures, as well as general education information, course descriptions and additional resources to answer many questions that students may have regarding their navigation towards graduation.

University Bulletin

Schedule Planner Links

These videos will help you plan your schedule at University Park in the most efficient and effective manner based on many variables.

  1. This video helps you learn to use the planner using "courses and breaks" to make a semester schedule. Watch video
  2. This video will show you how to use "locks" to narrow down the list of potential schedules. Watch video
  3. This video will show you how to customize your options for each course individually. Watch video

Housing at University Park

University Park features residence halls all over campus—from North to South, East to West. Please visit these links for important deadlines and general information to guide you through the selection process.

On-Campus Housing

Important Housing Dates

General Housing Information

Off-Campus Housing

Off-Campus Information

Housing Fair Information

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Change of Campus Website - Useful information regarding your change of campus questions.

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