Services for Companies

Services for Companies

Continuing Education at Penn State Hazleton offers many services to area companies to help them develop their workforce and competitive advantage.

Credit Programs at the Workplace

Penn State Hazleton can partner with a company to design college credit programs offered at the business to meet the organizational development needs of the workforce. Penn State faculty work directly with company management staff on course development and to determine what materials are needed. Classes can be conducted on-site at times convenient to the organization. Instructional styles are geared to the needs of the working adult student. An ongoing evaluation process supports a quality experience for participants and the organization.

Customized Training 

Penn State has a long history of working with business and industry. Our dedicated faculty and staff will partner with you to assess your immediate and long-term needs, then custom design and implement training solutions to satisfy them. Our mission is to understand yours, and to develop your employees to achieve your goals and objectives.

We will take a strategic view of your business and work hard to develop a relationship with you and create the educational opportunities your employees need to stay competitive in the global marketplace.

Programs are customized to meet your specific needs and delivered on-site at times convenient for your work force.

Our systematic process includes:

  • Listening to your organization's goals and plans
  • Identifying performance gaps and assessing needs
  • Working collaboratively to develop action plans and learning objectives
  • Providing support and follow-up
  • Evaluating results
  • Designing and delivering customized education and training interventions as appropriate

Computer Training 

Penn State Hazleton is recognized locally for high-quality computer applications training. From introductory courses to high-level applications training to web-based instruction, Penn State provides hands-on computer training for each individual on-site at company locations or in our state-of-the-art computer lab. If your organization has a number of employees with similar computer training needs, a packaged or customized training program can be developed. One-on-one computer training is also available.

Management Development Programs 

Management development programs and services provide clients with customized training to enhance individual, group and organizational effectiveness. Programs include:

  • Leadership Development 
  • Interpersonal and Communication Skills
  • Human Resource and Basic Management Skills
  • Process and Quality Leadership 
  • Project Management
  • Sales, Marketing and Customer Service 
  • Team Building and Facilitation Services
  • Assessments and Customized Services

Faculty providing these training programs and services are professionals with a unique blend of frontline business experience, solid academic credentials and proven teaching/training skills. Programs are customized to meet your specific needs and delivered on-site at times convenient for your workforce.

Workplace Environment and Safety Programs

Penn State's Workplace Environment and Safety Programs provide environmental compliance training, OSHA compliance and workplace safety training, safety hazard assessments and ergonomic evaluations for organizations and industries of all types and sizes. Our programs are designed to educate your managers, supervisors and employees on a wide range of environmental, health and safety issues of concern to all employers. Each course is taught by a qualified instructor and offers participants the knowledge, skills and advice they need to create workplaces free of occupational safety and health hazards.

Funding Opportunities 

A variety of sources exist to provide financial underwriting for training activities that enhance the skills of individuals employed in organizations located in Pennsylvania.

Penn State Hazleton's Continuing Education staff work with employers to access and facilitate the administration of this funding between your organization and the funding provider. Funding is available for new employees to learn basic and entry-level skills and for employees whorequire more advanced skill upgrades.

To identify a funding option to support your training need, consult the chart below and then follow up with a call to discuss the details and the application process.

Funding Programs

Workforce and Economic Development Network (WEDNET PA)

Provider: Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development.

Qualifications: Manufacturers and technology-based business. Basic skills and higher-level information technology training.


Northeast Pennsylvania Industrial Resource Center (NEPIRC)

Provider: Federal and state source.

Qualifications: Manufacturers with fewer than 500 employees.


Customized Job Training (CJT)

Provider: Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development

Qualifications: Job creation and/or retention. Substantial expansion commitment.


Industry Partnership Grants

Provider: Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry

Qualifications: Eligible companies and projects from the following industries:

  • Advanced Materials and Diversified Manufacturing
  • Agriculture and Food Processing
  • Energy (includes Marcellus Shale, Mining, and Utilities)
  • Healthcare