Math and Computer Science Competitions

The Student Competitions in Math and Computer Science program is an effort to improve the quality of education at the Hazleton campus. The purpose of the competitions is to encourage the development of creative thinking and problem solving techniques as well as to promote excellence in a competitive, out-of-class setting. The competition will provide the opportunity for students to interact, exchange ideas and compete, organize ideas, think logically and develop higher-level cognitive thinking. Such competitions also promote the sharing of knowledge between students and educators.

Students who successfully participate in these competitions will be recognized for their efforts through the presentation of a certificate. Students are also encouraged to consider presenting successful results at the campus Undergraduate Research Fair

Computer Science Competition

The Computer Science competition is an algorithmic programming competition for students at Penn State Hazleton. In the Computer Science competition, students compete individually in solving a set of algorithmic programming problems using the computer as a tool and C++ or Java programming languages. The problems might require further reading or research.

The Computer Science competition will be judged using criteria such as:

  • the program loads and runs without errors (syntax, logical and run time errors) and closes cleanly on exit
  • the program makes use of modules, e.g. subroutines

Guidelines for Computer Science Submission

  1. Any amount of consultation with written materials is allowed. This doesn't mean that you can ask someone how to solve a problem. Do not ask someone where to look up an answer. Do not submit programs you wrote in collaboration with others. All solutions must be your own work.
  2. Programs must be written in C++ or Java. All input data is to be entered by keyboard. All results are to be printed on the monitor.
  3. All materials listed in number 4 below must be included in a zipped file and submitted as an email attachment by the posted deadline to Dr. Pavel Azalov
    Email: [email protected]
  4. The solution of all problems should include:
  • Listing of all program modules.
  • A description of the used algorithm (printed material).
  • The source codes of all program modules. Your name and e-mail address must be written as comment lines in the beginning of all program modules.
  • The exe file of the program. The file name must be: problem_number.exe. Example: problem1.exe, problem2.exe, problem3.exe
  • All files (source and exe) must be included in the submission.  

Math Competition 

The problems in the mathematical competition will be challenging and will not assume any knowledge of college mathematics. However, the problems might require further reading or research.

There are specific requirements for submitted solutions. The proofs or justifications must be clear, detailed and concise and should not require any further explanations. The emphasis is put on the explanation and not on the final result as is standard in mathematics. 

Guidelines for Math Submission

  1. Math Olympiad Round rounds are announced each semester.
  2. Submission Deadline will be posted.
  3. Papers should be submitted to Dr. Simon Litvinov or Dr. Frank Marko by the posted deadline.  

Sample Problems from Previous Competitions (PDF Files)

Computer Science




Math Winners

2011 / 2012

                1st place            Christopher Kotansky

2007 / 2008

                1st place            Matthew Keniston

2006 / 2007

                1st place            Brandon Herman

                2nd place           John Caballero

                3rd place            Brandon Farzad

2005 / 2006

                1st place             Brandon Herman

                2nd place            Dhaval Bhalodia

                3rd place             Abdalla Nassar

                                           Thomas Marko, Honorable Mention

2002 / 2003

                1st place            Ron Harman

                2nd place           David Ozalas


Computer Science Winners


    • 1st place         Michael Judge, Tyler Fuehrer
    • 2nd place        Mauro Notaro

2013 / 2014

    • 1st place          Evan Unmann

2012 / 2013

    • 1st place           Michael Judge, Evan Unmann, 
      Matthew Toporcer, Steven Yencho
    • 2nd place          Matthew Kiprovski, Carl J Lechner III
      Andrew Wentzler

2011 / 2012

    • 1st place             David Cusatis and Luke Keniston
    • 2nd place            Andrew Vack

2007 / 2008

    • 1st place             Matthew Kenistos

2006 / 2007

    • 1st place             Natalie Sharbaugh 
      John Ballantyne
    • 2nd place            Thomas Dowdney
    • 3rd place             Jesse Fox

2005 / 2006

    • 1st place             Jean Costa

2003 / 2004

    • 1st place             Robert Rinish
    • 2nd place            Dezhu Chen

2001 / 2002

    • 1st place             Chris Cimaszewski
    • 2nd place            James Tarlecki
    • 3rd place             Madhavi Veerabathini
      Robert Rinish
      Matt Pavelko
      Brett Kluskiewicz