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Clinical Education Faculty

Clinical Education Faculty

Clinical Instructor Qualifications

The minimum qualifications to serve as a clinical instructor for Penn State Hazleton students are as follows:

  • At least one year of clinical practice as a licensed PT or PTA
  • At lease three months practicing in the current clinical site
  • Preferred credentialed clinical instructor

Faculty Privileges

The rights and privileges of the clinical faculty are non-discriminatory and are commensurate with other similar appointments within the institution. The clinical faculty has access to services offered at the Pennsylvania State University, such as clinical instructor courses and seminars offered through Penn State Hazleton. The program will offer continuing education seminars when available at the campus or through the Continuing Education department. Clinical faculty will be notified via mail when these events occur.

Please notify the ACCE if you are interested in additional training regarding student/clinical issues at your facility. The ACCE is available for on-site in-services and/or telephone conferences or supporting professional development needs and interests.


For additional information regarding the clinical internship portion of the curriculum or to learn more about becoming part of our clinical team, please contact:

Beverly A. Labosky
PTA, Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education (ACCE)


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