Campus Directory | Faculty

Title Email Address Role Office Location Phone Number
Christine Ashton [email protected]
Instructor in Mathematics, Mathematics
Bhanu Babaiahgari [email protected]
Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering, Engineering
Kostos Building, 103 570-450-3081
Mesude Bayrakci-Boz [email protected]
Assistant Professor of Engineering, Engineering
Kostos Building, 104 570-450-3214
Pamela Black [email protected]
Professor of Criminal Justice, Academic Affairs
Program Coordinator, Criminal Justice
Memorial Building, 105 570-450-3548
Barbara Brazon [email protected]
Associate Teaching Professor of Information Sciences and Technology, Information Sciences and Technology
Program Coordinator, Information Technology
Kostos, 117 570-450-3089
Molly Brobst [email protected]
Instructor in Education and Psychology, Social Sciences and Education
Angela Brown [email protected]
Lecturer in Accounting, Business
S. Hakan Can [email protected]
Professor of Criminal Justice, Criminal Justice
Kostos, 206 570-385-6074
Peter Crabb [email protected]
Professor of Psychology, Social Sciences and Education
Memorial Building, 102 570-450-3547
Charles Dewald [email protected]
Program Coordinator, Multidisciplinary Studies
Program Coordinator, Corporate Communication
Assistant Teaching Professor of English, English
Writing Lab Assistant, Student Success Center
Butler TLRC, 203L 570-450-3558
Kenneth Dudeck [email protected]
Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering (Retired), Engineering
Laurel, 104 570-450-3085
Douglas Edmonds [email protected]
Assistant Professor of Physics, Science
Kostos, 103 570-450-3510
Carl Frankel [email protected]
Assistant Professor of Biology, Retired
Maggie Gordon Froehlich [email protected]
Associate Professor of English and Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies, English
Schiavo, 110 570-450-3134
Beatriz García Glick [email protected]
Teaching Professor of Spanish, Arts and Humanities
Memorial Building, 201 570-450-3059
Christopher Goguen [email protected]
Associate Professor of Biology, Science
Kostos, 124 570-450-3088
Lisa Goguen [email protected]
Program Coordinator, Psychology
Associate Professor of Psychology, Social Sciences and Education
Memorial Building, 103 570-450-3023
Wieslaw Grebski [email protected]
Associate Professor (Retired), Engineering
Slusser/Bayzick Building, 108 570-450-3087
Beth Greenberg [email protected] Pasco L. Schiavo Hall, 206 570-450-3152
Cheryl Hartman [email protected]
Instructor in Nutrition, Health and Human Development