Leadership Training

Responding to Organizational Change (MGMT 5136)
An interactive workshop for supervisors and managers focusing on an awareness of individual strengths, their impact on a positive approach to work and life, and the challenge of achieving organizational goals in a changing environment.

Team Building (MGMT 5139)
Complete and analyze a personal conflict style profile. Describe the various types of conflict that can show up in a team building strategies for managing conflict in a team setting, identify practices for minimizing conflict and discuss the group development process of your team work.

Promoting a Positive Work Climate (LA 5106)
Participants will discuss traditional and current management strategies. Discussion will include various methods for managing a diverse workforce such as diversity and pluralism. Participants will learn motivational theories for assessing the current climate within an organization and strategies for creating a motivational climate. Delegation and negotiation techniques will be applied to work situations.

Diversity: A Competitive Advantage (LA 5108)
The goal of this course is to increase participants' awareness, knowledge and skills in order to work more effectively in a multicultural organization. At the conclusion of the session, participants will be able to: Define Diversity, explain how diversity relates to EEO and Affirmative Action, analyze census 2000 information with regards business trends and managerial impact, analyze a business study dealing with diversity issues and describe the skills required to manage diversity.

Effective Business Presentations
This program is designed to meet the needs of professionals who are routinely faced with the responsibility of developing and delivering oral presentations in small group meetings or in formal public speaking situations

Supervisor/Manager and the Law
Learn about Federal Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) laws ; Increase your awareness about harassment and sexual harassment; Familiarize yourself with the American Disabilities Act; Relate the Family and Medical Leave Act to your work environment; Synthesize the Age Discrimination in Employment Act into your company policies.

Improving Operations and Processes (MDEV 6012O 20 hour course)
This course provides participants with an overview of the concepts, tools and techniques essential to improving both operational and resources management. The program focuses on process understanding and optimization. The emphasis of this program is to improve individual and organization effectiveness by providing a basic understanding of costs and budgets, improving cycle time and reducing waste. this highly interactive workshop features case studies, a variety of planning exercises and other activities designed with an active learning focus.

Building your Team (MDEV 6010B - 16 hour course)
This course is designed to continue building on basic competencies that today's supervisors need in leading employees by focusing on building your team: interviewing, selecting and lacing employees, creating a climate for teamwork, cooperation and involvement; building high-performance work teams and resolving interpersonal conflicts.

Finance and Accounting for Nonfinancial (MDEV 6021O - 20 hour course)
This program has been designed as an overview of financial management tolls and skills. The overriding objective is to present a number of "nuts and bolts" financial concepts in order to provide useable information including basic accounting principles, budgeting and fundamental financial analysis tools.

Project Management Fundamentals (MDEV 6049O - 16 hour course)
When Projects are well managed, they are completed on time and under budget recognized by all team members as a positive experience and completed effectively and efficiently. These factors are critical to success in today's competitive environment. This intensive, interactive program will provide participants with tools and knowledge. This highly interactive workshop features case studies a variety of planning exercises and other activities designed with an action learning focus.


Spanish in the Workplace

This workshop is for individuals who work with Spanish speaking employees in the workplace and are seeking basic conversational Spanish skills for use in their day-to-day communications. The course will also be adjusted according to the profession and needs of class participants. It is expected that participants will have no Spanish training or limited Spanish education that has been forgotten.

DMAIC Black Belt Training

Candidates will train one week a month for 3 months in the DMAIC methodology. They will learn to apply tools like Voice of Customer, FMEA, Hypothesis Testing, Regression, Design of Experiments, Response Surface Methodology, Stakeholder Analysis, and Change Management to their projects.

Dates: Call for information on next offering
Times: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Fee: $6500 (instruction, materials, breakfast, and lunch included)
Location: To Be Determined


Warehousing In Today's Business Environment

A joint program of Penn State Hazleton and Schuylkill Campuses

A focused, three-day course that can help you improve your warehouse and distribution process. Managing and working successfully in the current warehousing environment is critical to your business. This course will explore key business and operational concerns, such as logistics, materials management, inspection of incoming equipment, the use of powered industrial trucks and warehouse design and layout concerns. It will also include an introduction to warehouse business principles and law, and offer specific insights and techniques for warehousing success.

Who should attend: This program can benefit anyone interested in understanding the fundamentals of warehouse operation. This includes front line employees, new managers, supervisors, team leaders, and employees involved in the planning and daily operations of a warehouse or those seeking work in this area.

You can learn:

  • how warehousing for supply chain management impacts business profitability
  • how to manage critical warehousing functions and activities
  • how to handle key management and operational issues in warehousing

Dates: To Be Determined
Times: 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Fee: $725.00
Location: At Penn State Hazleton and video conferenced to PSU Schuylkill Campus


For more information contact:
Debra Conway
Director of Continuing Education
Penn State Hazleton
[email protected]