Supervision Essentials

Supervision Essential Series

This Supervision Essentials series focuses on developing practical skills in four key areas related to successfully supervising and leading today's individuals and teams.  It provides an excellent opportunity for newer supervisors, as well as those looking to advance to a supervisory position, to move beyond the "basics" to a better grasp of supervisory skills and competencies.

You can learn to:

  • apply the fundamental concepts of supervising with confidence
  • build working relationships that get results
  • communicate effectively with your employees
  • manage your time and priorities more effectively
  • inspire better performance from those whom you supervise
  • solve conflicts with poise and control


Course 1 - Supervisory Roles and Responsibilities

  • Module 1 - Meeting Supervisory Responsibilities
  • Module 2 - Communicating Effectively
  • Module 3 - Building Working Relationships
  • Module 4 - Leading Others

Course 2 - Managing Employee Performance

  • Module 1 - Setting the Stage for Excellent Performance
  • Module 2 - Clarifying Expectations and Observing Performance
  • Module 3 - Coaching and Providing Feedback
  • Module 4 - Dealing with Challenging Performance Situations

Course 3 - Solving Problems and Managing Priorities

  • Module 1 - Managing Time and Priorities
  • Module 2 - Solving Problems
  • Module 3 - Resolving Conflicts
  • Module 4 - Supervising Projects

Course 4 - Developing Individuals and Teams

  • Module 1 - Interviewing and Selecting Employees
  • Module 2 - Developing Employees
  • Module 3 - Developing a Team
  • Module 4 - Building a Positive Work Climate 


Supervision Series

Days:    TBA
Times:   8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Fee:      $350 or register three or more per company for $299 per person

Course 1 - Conflict Management - This course helps participants gain a better understanding of conflict, why it exists, and how to manage it.  It will focus on prevention and resolution methods that make conflict management attainable for any group or organization.

Course 2 - Defusing Volatile Situations (DVS) - This workshop explores ways to take control, maintain mutual respect, and discover solutions for improving interactions in the workplace.  Participants will examine contributing factors and discover who is involved, explore 6 steps for DVS, and learn tips and techniques for improving the management of volatile situations.


For more information or to register, please contact:

Debra Conway
Director of Continuing Education
Phone: 570-450-3136
Email: [email protected]