Campus research fair winners announced

HAZLETON, Pa. -- Penn State Hazleton announced the winners of its 2017 Undergraduate Research Fair.

Students created projects in the arts and humanities (including behavioral sciences, business studies and economics) and STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) disciplines under the guidance of faculty members at Penn State Hazleton.

Winners are as follows:

Arts and Humanities category:

First place: “Effects of anticipated regret on impulsive decision-making underlying texting while driving” by Kimberly Miller (adviser: Yusuke Hayashi)

Second place: “Probability discounting, delay discounting, and texting while driving in college” by Heather Fessler (adviser: Yusuke Hayashi)

Third place: “Role of Probability Discounting and Executive Function in Texting While Driving in College Students” by Aleigha Sokolowski (adviser: Yusuke Hayashi)

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) category:

First place: “Design of a Soiling Detector for Utility-Scale Solar Farms” by Christian Skokowski, Brett Finkelstein and Marques Pereira (adviser: Joseph Ranalli)

Second place: “Sympatric Speciation of Cichlid Fish in Lake Victoria” by Jordan Sypeck (adviser: Carl Frankel)

Third place: “Does the house cricket (Acheta domesticus) exhibit social learning?” by Luis Lopez (adviser: Christopher Goguen)

Popular vote:

“Xenotransplantations: The Dilemmas Behind Chimeras with Human DNA” by Paige Steigerwalt (adviser: Carl Frankel) 

Project winners from the campus fair advance to the seventh annual Regional Undergraduate Research Symposium at Penn State Brandywine on April 20. The symposium will feature the scholarly research endeavors of undergraduate students from eight Penn State campuses.

Penn State Hazleton’s Undergraduate Research Program provides an opportunity for students to work closely with faculty members. For more information, visit


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