Sending a 'We Are!' to these Penn Staters

We Are!
Credit: Bryan Benner

This week, we recognize five Penn Staters who go above and beyond what's asked of them in their work at the University.

Do you know someone who deserves a shout-out? If you do, consider taking a minute to nominate that person by filling out a short online form.

This week, it's thank you to:

Melanie Bernier, with Student Affairs, whose nominator wrote: "Melanie is most helpful with financials, to the point of going out of her way to assist when special attention may be needed. She is an exemplary person in general, always exuding a cheery disposition. She's willing to above and beyond to assist in any way she can. It's much appreciated!"

Jayne Miller, at Penn State Harrisburg, whose nominator wrote: "Thank you to Jayne Miller for the constant help and support as we learn and navigate the LionPATH system. Jayne continuously goes above and beyond to provide assistance. I am very thankful that she doesn't ignore my phone calls and emails ... yet!"

Katelyn Perry, in Liberal Arts, whose nominator wrote: "Katelyn is perhaps the sweetest person I have ever worked with. Her passion and commitment for students' well being is worth noticing. She would do anything to help a student and see them succeed in their academic journey and beyond. It's a delight to work with her."

Devon Purington, at Penn State Hazleton, whose nominator wrote: "Devon’s energy, enthusiasm and forward-thinking attitude are to be admired! She continuously finds ways to integrate with other faculty and staff while at the same time keeping what benefits the students in mind! And, doing all of this while pursuing a Ph.D.! She makes quite the impact on students!"

Chrissie Fitzgerald, at World Campus, whose nominator wrote: "Chrissie is one of those people who you can always go to for help, and she goes above and beyond all the time. She has a can do attitude, and is the epitome of what world class means. I am fortunate to work with such a great person!"