Instructional Design Services

Welcome to the Instructional Design services website for Penn State Hazleton. An instructional designer can help you:

  • Integrate instructional technology in the classroom
  • Utilize tools available in Canvas Learning Management System, Zoom, and Kaltura
  • Apply effective teaching strategies for face-to-face, hybrid, and online
  • Employ best practices to develop an online course
  • Develop learning objectives aligned with course assessment plan 
  • Review and revise an existing course
  • Create assessment strategies to effectively measure objectives and student learning
  • Incorporate active learning strategies to increase student engagement
  • Ensure online course materials are accessible to all students

Support is available in a variety of formats from one-on-one consultations, workshops, webinars, course reviews, and email announcements. Please email or stop in with any questions or to schedule a meeting. 


Elizabeth Huck, Instructional Designer

Elizabeth Huck
Instructional Designer
[email protected]
Butler 203-L



Instructional Tools and Resources:

Canvas: Penn State’s Learning Management System (LMS)

Zoom: Penn State’s Web Conferencing Software

Kaltura: Penn State’s media management platform for storing, publishing, and streaming videos, video collections, and other media
  • Kaltura Learning Path: Get started, create and manage media, publish media in Canvas, assess student work, and collaborate in Kaltura
TurnitinA web-based writing assessment toolkit which includes originality reports to detect plagiarism

Course Development:

Shared Programs:

  • Shared Programs Website: Overview of Shared Programs at Penn State, types of faculty support offered, and strategic initiatives
  • Shared Academic Programs: Residential Shared Academic Programs delivered through the consortia organized by program and campus

Penn State Teaching Resources: