Current Schedule - ERP with SAP Certificate

Current Schedule - ERP with SAP Certificate

Fall I 2017:

(If prerequisites are needed, please take them now.)

MIS 204: Introduction to Business Information Systems (3 credits)
Introduction to the use of information systems in business organizations.

SCM 301: Business Logistics Management (3 credits)
Management of logistics/supply chain processes.

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Fall II 2017:

SCM 445: Operations Planning and Control (3 credits)
Aggregate production planning procedures, disaggregation methods in hierarchical production planning, master production scheduling, material requirements planning, lot-sizing, and capacity planning.
Prerequisite: SCM 301

Spring I 2018:

SCM 460: Purchasing and Materials Management (3 credits)
Purchasing policies, procedures, order specifications and agreements, supplier selection, and the role of purchasing in production planning and inventory management.
Prerequisite: SCM 301

Spring II 2018:

MIS 404: Introduction to ERP and Business Processes (3 credits)
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) a group of integrated software modules used to run virtually all business processes in an organization. The course explains and demonstrates how business processes such as sales logistics, production/material management, procurement, and human resources are supported in an ERP software package.
Prerequisite: MIS 204