Residence Life

Residence Life

North Hall

North Hall Dorm

This building is made up of 36 suites (2 people per room, 4 people per suite). Each suite shares a bath and shower area. Air conditioning and heat are controlled by each room in the suite. Laundry facilities are in the basement of the building. A TV lounge is located on the first floor. The Office of Residence Life is located in this building.  A residence coordinator occupies an apartment on the second floor.

  • 3 floors co-ed by suite 
  • comprised of 36 suites 
  • each suite houses 4 students 
  • 2 students per room 
  • houses approximately 136 students 
  • primarily sophomore housing 
  • bathroom facilities are shared among suitemates 

Room diagram:

North Hall Room Diagram




South Hall

South Hall Dorm

South is a traditional residence hall accommodating 220 students. South Hall contains three floors; each divided into two sections of male and female residents. Each room is occupied by 2 students, with a living space of approximately 200 sq. feet. The students on the floor share a central bathroom per section and shower area. Heat is controlled in each individual room. There are laundry facilities in the basement and a large screen TV. The Resident Assistant office is located in this building.  A residence coordinator lives on the first floor. 

  • traditional-style residence hall 
  • houses approximately 222 students 
  • 2 students per room, common bathroom facilities shared by floor section
  • co-ed by section 
  • primarily first-year student housing 
  • strong sense of community among residents

Room diagram:

South Hall Room Diagram



West Hall

West Hall Dorm

Ten townhouses make up this hall, each consisting of 5 student rooms with 2 students in a room. There are 2 floors, with 2 rooms on the first floor and 3 rooms on the second. There is a bath and shower area on each floor. Heat is controlled in each individual room. The first floor living area is air-conditioned. Laundry facilities are located in the middle of the complex. The associate director of student services & engagement occupies one townhouse.

  • 2 students per room 
  • houses approximately 90 students 
  • 2 1/2 baths per townhouse
  • common area in each townhouse 
  • co-ed by townhouse
  • first-year student and sophomore housing

Room diagram:

West Hall Room Diagram