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Math Dimension

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Tutoring is provided in two ways: open tutoring and tutoring by appointment. Open tutoring means that students can come to the Math Dimension to be tutored without an appointment.

Open tutoring (no appointment is necessary) is offered for the following:

Math 4          Math 21

Math 22        Math 26

Math 41        Math 110

Math 140      Math 141

Stat 200

Math Dimension hours are determined each semester. Please check with the Math Dimension or your math instructor to find out the current hours.

Scheduled peer tutoring is available for:

Math 34     Math 201

Math 36     Math 230

Math 200    Math 231

For scheduled peer tutoring, complete a request for tutoring form (PDF). Either complete and print form to bring to Math Dimension or submit electronically by completing the online form. Paper request forms are also available in the Math Dimension. You will be given the name and number or email of a tutor to contact.

Tutoring services are free to all students. Ue the Math Dimension for help in your math courses, whether you want to maintain an A, raise your current grade, or need extra help in order to pass. You may also use it for a good place to study or do homework. Feel free to come and explore the Math Dimension!