Students may be referred to the Personalized Alcohol Use Screening & Education (PAUSE) Program for a violation of University policy. There are two levels of PAUSE.

PAUSE (Blue) is an early intervention program. It is a 2-hour group session designed to raise the student's awareness about alcohol laws, policies and escalating sanctions. PAUSE (Blue) deals with issues of alcohol and other drug use and abuse and provides an opportunity for self-evaluation. Fee is $200.

PAUSE (White) is an educational program that facilitates decision-making about alcohol and other drug use. The intervention is four hours in duration, a one-hour session per week for two weeks. The meetings focus on accurate alcohol information, personal attitudes, drinking and use behaviors. During the initial meeting, the student engages in self-assessment and measurement of risk level. This assessment is utilized to design the nature and content of the three remaining sessions. Fee is $200 for program sessions.

A similar two-level program is provided for students who are found responsible for violations of the Code of Conduct related to our substance use policies.  Fee is $200.

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