Honors Qualifications and Requirements

Honors Qualifications and Requirements


Admission to the Penn State Hazleton Honors Program is competitive. Students are invited to join by the campus honors committee, which uses specific criteria for the decision.

For incoming first-year students, qualifications for invitation include an SAT score of 1500 or above, and a high school GPA of 3.5 or above.

Students who do not meet these qualifications are welcome to apply through an alternative application process that includes writing essays; providing recommendation letters from teachers and your high school guidance counselor; and an optional interview.  These applications will be evaluated by members of the Hazleton Honors Committee.  For additional information regarding this alternative application process, please contact Dr. Justin Nordstrom (jan13@psu.edu or 570-450-3037).

Current Penn State Hazleton Students will be considered for admission if their PSU grade point average is 3.5 or higher.

Current students also must seek endorsement from two faculty members. The honors committee reviews all applications for acceptance into the program and notifies applicants of their selection.

The honors program offers honors study for baccalaureate students, for which students may apply during their first or second year. For more information about opportunities for baccalaureate students in honors contact Dr. Justin Nordstrom via email at jan13@psu.edu.


Each year honors students must submit an annual academic plan which has been approved by an honors advisor by an established due date. Amended plans must be submitted following change in the plan. The plan must reflect actual course work, and serves as a permanent record of changes.

Honors Coursework

The campus honors student must complete a minimum of honors course work during enrollment in the program. If a student enters the program at the start of the first-year, he/she must complete a total of 14 honors credits, which is 7 per academic year, or 5 or 6 honors courses during the two years, with at least some honors course work taken in each of the two years.

If a student enters the program after one semester of the first year, he/she must complete 3 credits of honors work for that year, then 7 credits during the subsequent year for a total of 10 credits.

The quality of honors courses can best be described as different; they are specially constructed to bridge content areas and connect points of view.

Campus honors students may satisfy the requirements for honors work by taking an honors option or an independent study when it is not feasible to fulfill them with honors course work. The seventh credit requirement may be fulfilled with an independent study, and undergraduate research participation when appropriate.

Honors Activities Participation

Honors students participate in an honors activities program. They are required to attend three out of six potential events during each semester which the campus or honors program sponsors. They are asked to document their attendance at events in various ways.


The campus honors student must maintain a GPA of at least 3.40 each semester. Students who fail to meet minimum standards will be notified of action taken regarding their status, such as being placed on contingency status.