Evaluation of Transfer Credits

Evaluation of Transfer Credits

We evaluate the courses from all of the institutions you have attended.  We will accept transfer credits which are applicable to your degree program from any accredited college or university when you have earned a C or better.  You can use Penn State’s Transfer Course Evaluation Guide to evaluate your courses. 

Please note that the Penn State major determines which transfer courses satisfy the requirements.  Some courses appear in the online Transfer Course Evaluation Guide as “general” credit, but they can satisfy the degree requirements.  These courses, with the help of your adviser, may have to be petitioned in order to be used towards your major requirements. 

Information about transferring credits to Penn State from other sources:

Advanced Placement Credit (AP)

College-Level Exam Program Credit (CLEP)

DSST Standardized Test Credit (DSST)

International Baccalaureate Credit (IB)

Military Credit