Current Honors Courses

Current Honors Courses

Fall 2016 Honors Courses

English 30H - Dr. Maggie Froehlich

This composition course offers writing practice for specially qualified and screened students. Students who have passed a special writing test will qualify for this course.

COM 150H - Dr. Maggie Froehlich

This course takes a critical and historical approach to cinema, exploring relationships between classical and contemporary films and society and culture. It stresses critical thinking, analytical viewing, and essay writing (rather than memorization of facts or aesthetic evaluation of movies). Students will examine movies as formal constructs, market commodities, and cultural artifacts-as reflections, however distorted, of society in the twentieth and twenty-first century.


Spring 2016 Honors Courses

History 3H - Dr. Justin Nordstrom

This course covers American history from discovery to the present, focusing on racial, ethnic, and religious differences as well as shared traditions and ideals. Major economic, religious, political, and social issues and events from first contact to the present day are addressed, although individual versions of the course may vary in emphasis. Topics view the American past through such lenses as democracy, the world of work, and daily life. A major teaching goal of the course is the use of historical evidence, in the form of documents, images, and other materials, to formulate interpretations of the past. Lectures and readings from textbooks, books, chapters, and academic articles provide the essential material of the course and are supplemented by electronic media.

CAS 100H - Dr. Molly Wertheimer

This is a general education course designed to introduce students to principles of effective communication with a specific focus on the analysis and evaluation of messages. Through in-class activities, lecture, and discussion, this course focuses on the critical analysis of persuasive messages. This course will enable student to be better prepared to analyze both written and oral messages, work in groups, and develop effective presentations. Students will deliver a minimum of two public speeches and work on at least one group assignment.