Off-Campus Housing

Placefinder serves as our off-campus housing listing service. While Penn State Hazleton does not manage or own any properties off-campus, Placefinder lists many of the places in the local area offering off-campus residential services to our students. Use the link below to browse properties in and around the Greater Hazleton area. For more information, please visit the Placefinder website.

Guide to Off-Campus Living

The Office of Student Affairs prepares the Guide to Off-Campus Living to provide students with information pertaining to off-campus living in the Hazleton area. It is our hope that the material contained within the manual will assist students in finding and enjoying off-campus housing.

Hazleton Public Transit Bus Schedule

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LionCash Merchants' Listing

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University Disclaimer (Please read in its entirety)

The Pennsylvania State University makes no representation whatsoever regarding the housing or the landlords listed through this listing. The properties listed are done so at the request of the landlords to assist students in locating possible off-campus housing opportunities.  Students are responsible to inspect the property and negotiate lease terms with any landlord.  The Pennsylvania State University has not inspected or investigated these listings or landlords in any way and is not endorsing any specific properties or landlords for students by this listing.  The Pennsylvania State University disclaims any responsibility, among other things, for the condition of any premises, terms of any leases, treatment by any landlord, or compliance with any applicable local zoning ordinances.