Bachelor of Science in Business

Bachelor of Science in Business

The Bachelor of Science in Business (BSB) program at Penn State Hazleton combines current study in core disciplines such as accounting, management, marketing, economics, finance and logistics with applied studies and internships in practical, real-world settings.

Graduates are expected to master a core set of business administration skills and competencies. The program stresses interpersonal and technical communication skills, collaborative student-centered learning, and a high degree of faculty-student interaction. As a result, graduates gain experience to solve problems creatively, make sound management and marketing decisions, lead groups and work on cross-functional teams, improve productivity, and use the latest technology and software for presentations, project management and communications. Graduates are prepared to become workforce participants equipped with multi-faceted skills applicable to any number of business areas and situations.

Penn State Hazleton offers three options for the BSB degree:

  • an accounting option, which builds upon the basic and intermediate core business curriculum and includes courses in economics, management information systems, marketing, business logistics and finance;
  • a management and marketing option, which stresses the vital skills and management knowledge necessary to excel in a career in marketing, sales, distribution or related business areas; and 
  • an individualized option, which allows students to develop an appropriate curricular plan with guidance from the business program coordinator and the Advising Center.

Career Opportunities

Graduates earning business degrees may choose careers in fields such as marketing, sales, management, advertising, public relations and planning for business or the public sector.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), opportunities for aspiring marketing specialists and sales managers are greatest for candidates with college degrees, related experience and strong communication and computer skills. The BLS expects employment in business-related occupations to increase to 2022 as follows:

  • Employment of budget analysts is projected to grow 6 percent.
  • Employment of sales managers is projected to grow 8 percent.
  • Employment of financial managers is projected to grow 9 percent.
  • Employment of accountants and auditors is projected to grow 13 percent.
  • Employment of advertising, promotions and marketing managers is projected to grow 12 percent.