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Disability Services is an extension of academic affairs. The goal is to provide strategic academic advising to students with disabilities, and to coordinate the delivery of academic support services.



  • Has illness necessitated any special accommodations at school?
  • Was class missed at certain times of day to perform a health care routine?
  • Did illness affect attendance?
  • Did medication affect ability to concentrate or participate in school?
  • Was extra time necessary to complete class work, test or homework?
  • Was technology, such as computers, used in the classroom or at home to fulfill academic requirements?
  • Was in-class assistance required such as a person to take notes?


  • Are any activities restricted?
  • Does the student require specialized medical care?
  • Does the student require the coordinated care of many health care providers?
  • Does the student have a care routine which must be performed at a specific time of day?
  • Does the student have a care routine which can only be done by a specially trained individual, such as a physical therapist, respiratory therapist or nurse?
  • Is there a medication schedule which must be strictly adhered to?
  • Are required drugs difficult to find?
  • Is the care of a medical specialist required? How frequently? 


  • Do certain environmental factor such as heat, cold, molds, dust, odors, and humidity affect the student's health and well being?
  • Does the student need to limit exposure to noise and distractions?
  • Does the student require a special living environment?
  • Are certain activities such as walking long distances or climbing stairs difficult?

On Activities of Daily Living:

  • Is assistance getting out of bed required?
  • Is assistance with food preparation/eating needed?
  • Does the student require a special diet?
  • Does the student need assistance bathing or using the bathroom?
  • Is assistance with dressing necessary?
  • Is assistance with mobility required? 


In order to receive any of these support services, students must submit documentation of their learning disability to Jacqueline Walters, Coordinator of Disability Services at Penn State Hazleton. The student must also submit a psycho educational evaluation that meets the following criteria:

  • Must have been administered within the past three years.
  • Must have been administered by a certified or licensed psychologist.
  • Must include: measure of intelligence (WAIS-R), measure of achievement (WJ-R-ACH), measure of cognitive processing ability (WJ-COG).
  • Must include report from evaluator containing: A diagnosis which may be based on the DSM-IV criteria, all scores, an explanation of the scores and error pattern analysis, evaluator's signature, credentials, and licensing number.

Information about ADD/ADHD: (submit evaluation)

  • Must have been conducted within the past three years.
  • Must have been conducted by a certified or licensed psychologist, or an M.D. specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of Attention Deficit Disorders with or without hyperactivity.
  • Must include: a medical, family psychological, and developmental social, and educational history. Also testing and/or assessment to rule out related or similar conditions as primary diagnosis (anxiety state, depression, hyperthyroidism, bipolar disorders, substance abuse.)
  • All reports from the evaluator must contain: Diagnosis, Explanation of scores and/or behavior rating. Also the evaluator's credentials, licensing number, and signature.


  • Assistance in locating audio taped textbooks through recordings for the blind and dyslexic.
  • Assistance in arranging course substitutions with academic departments (When essential requirements are not involved).
  • Test accommodations, as appropriate, such as fast readers, extended time, and/or persons to write the exam as dictated by the student with a learning disability.
  • Individual Counseling.
  • Library assistance in locating materials.
  • Note taking assistance with carbonless note paper or photocopying is offered through the Office of Disability Services.
  • Communication with instructors (upon request) to heighten their awareness of the students' needs and to seek appropriate accommodations. 


Seven scholarships are administered by the Office for Disability Services (ODS). If you are interested in eligibility criteria or application procedures, please phone ODS at 814-863-1807, or Jacqueline Walters at Penn State Hazleton 570-450-3005.


Contact Information

Jacqueline Walters
203D Butler Building
Phone: 570-450-3005
Email: jxw2@psu.edu