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The Teaching and Learning Resource Center (TLRC) is a partnership of faculty, staff, and students who assist others to develop and grow through enriched academic opportunities. Be sure to visit us. The Charles T. Butler Teaching and Learning Resource Center - Butler 203.


  • To provide students with the means to maximize their learning experience.
  • To provide academically talented students with the opportunity to expand their learning experience.
  • To provide academically under prepared students the opportunity to develop the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful in the classroom.
  • To provide resources that will enhance staff and faculty development.

The following services are offered free of charge to students:

  • Peer tutoring for most courses
  • A writing center for help with essays, research papers, resumes and internship applications
  • Study groups
  • Study skill instruction and enhancement 

A wide variety of study-related workshops are offered, including time management, exam preparation, test anxiety and other important areas. Videotapes are also available on these topics or you may request an individual consultation.


Students in the learning center

Bridge to Academic Success Retention Program
students, faculty and mentors




 * Indicates a required field


Program Type:

2-year Associate
4-year Baccalaureate


I am applying for tutorial services. I understand that the use of this service will not guarantee a higher grade in the course, that I alone am responsible for the level of my academic achievement. I can be tutored for a maximum of three hours per week per subject.

I agree to abide by the following rules:

  1. I agree to contact the tutor to arrange a time and place to meet.
  2. I agree to meet with the tutor(s) at the date and time that we both agree to.
  3. I will be prepared for each tutorial and will complete all homework / ready assignments.
  4. I will give prior notice to the tutor when I cannot attend a tutoring session.
  5. If I feel that I am not getting the help I need, I will contact the Math Dimension.
  6. I will complete an evaluation of my tutor at the end of the semester.
  7. I agree that should I miss two tutorials without notifying my tutor, I will be denied tutoring services.

By submitting this form, I am agreeing to the above information: