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Technology Guidelines

Penn State provides students with access to many technology resources including email, web space, and internet access. This checklist will guide you through the steps of gaining access to your technology resources.

Obtain a Penn State Access Computer Account

An access account consists of a user id and password that will be used for email and access to other Penn State technology resources. If you are unable to receive your account at New Student Orientation (NSO), take your Penn State photo ID to the Signature Station in IT department located at Butler 116. You will need your access account to use resources such as Penn State email, which is used in many courses. Your password is good for one year, so you need to create a new password before the expiration date by going to https://www.work.psu.edu/password/. Or go back to the signature station and reset your password.

Check PSU Email

While you may have other email accounts, your Penn State professors and advisors will contact you through the PSU webmail. Penn State email can be checked at https://webmail.psu.edu/ and it requires the use of the Access Account.

Penn State Anti-virus and other resources

Penn State offers free download of Symantec Anti-Virus to all students. If you do not have one yet, please visit https://downloads.its.psu.edu/ and click the virus detection option.

Wireless Internet Access

Wireless internet is now available in the Residence Halls. If you want to connect your laptop or other mobile devices to Penn State wireless, kindly go to http://wireless.psu.edu/Wireless routers are not supported and students are asked to not bring any routers into the Dorm areas since these devices will interfere with the wireless connections.  It is also a known issue that wireless printers will create interference with the wireless connections.  Students are asked to turn the Wireless option off on the printers.