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Prematriculation Immunization Requirements

Prematriculation Immunizations are the immunizations required for students before enrollment into the college setting.  The University requires all students to report their immunization history online.  You may complete this form online at the University Health Services' website.  Once submitted online, you must fax the official record to 814-865-9309 (Immunizations/Medical Records).

For additional information you may contact:

University Health Services
Immunization and Medical Records
126 Student Health Center
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: 814-863-1975

Required vaccinations include:

  1. The MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) vaccine, 2 doses for all students born after 1957.
    Any student who cannot produce written documentation of MMR vaccination has essentially 3 options:
    a. Receive the immunizations
    b. Have blood titers drawn to document immunity
    c. Request an exemption
    Those exempt from prematriculation immunization requirements are:
    a. Students born before January 1, 1957
    b. Distant Learning Students (those not attending class on campus)
    c. Students granted exemption by Margaret E. Spear, MD, Director of Health Services, University Park

    * Exemption requests to these requirements must be requested in writing or by e-mailing the Director of University Health Services, Dr. Margaret Spear, at mes10@psu.edu .
  2. The Meningococcal vaccine- Required by Pennsylvania law for students living in University owned housing. The Meningococcal certification form must be submitted online. 
    Meningococcal Vaccine »

    You will need to identify compliance through one of the following options:
    • Received a meningococcal vaccination through a health care provider or Penn State Health Services.
    • You are electing to choose an exemption which confirms you have made an informed decision to not receive the meningococcal vaccine.
  3. Tuberculin testing
          a. Tuberculin testing (PPD) is not an immunization but rather a screening tool for the identification of tuberculosis.
    b. All students at high risk for tuberculosis as defined by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control ).

                 CDC Tuberculosis information website »

Strongly Recommended Immunizations include:

  • The Hepatitis B vaccine
  • The Tetanus vaccine
  • The Flu vaccine
  • Chickenpox vaccine (if the student has not previously had an active case of  chickenpox).


Commonly Asked Questions Regarding PIR

Where to obtain immunization records?

  • Family Health Care Provider
  • High School
  • Local Department of Health
  • Previous College or University
  • Military

Where to obtain immunizations?

  • Family Health Care Provider
  • University Health Services, Hazleton Campus


For more information, please contact:

Anne Balko
University Health Services, Hazleton Campus
Phone: 570-450-3029
Email: amb50@psu.edu


University Health Services
106 Student Health Center
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: 814-863-1975



Physical exams are required only for students participating in intercollegiate athletics. The form must be signed by the student's physician and returned to Health Services. The student may also receive a physical exam for sports in our health services department. For appointment , call 570-450-3029