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Surviving your first year of college

The first year of college is a completely new experience in many peoples' lives.  Learning how to study, get good grades, getting to know your university, moving into a dorm, and making new friends are all aspects of college life that a new student will have to learn how to handle simultaneously.  In order to achieve all of these successfully, you, as a new college student, will need to take various steps toward adjusting your old lifestyle to adapt to your freshman year of college.  

  • Network....Get to know your professors and fellow students.
  • Study...You need to study 2 hours for every hour in class and study the hardest subjects first.
  • Prioritize....Balance out your social and academic life to receive the full college experience.
  • Get involved....Join clubs or sports teams and meet people with like interests.  
  • Be good to yourself....Eat well, get enough rest and remember to exercise.
  • Stay calm......Try not to stress. It takes time to adjust and once you are in the swing of things, it will be a great experience.  
  • Make a schedule and stick to it.....Manage your time wisely.

Remember to keep your priorities in order, be outgoing and open-minded, and be ready to try new things because your first year of college is just a new world full of completely new opportunities!   











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Physical exams are required only for students participating in intercollegiate athletics. The form must be signed by the student's physician and returned to Health Services. The student may also receive a physical exam for sports in our health services department. For appointment , call 570-450-3029