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For the Future: The Campaign for Penn State Students

The following six campaign priorities have been developed to support the strategic objectives of Penn State Hazleton. These are diverse in nature and offer donors the ability to have a direct and visible impact on our campus.  Various opportunities also carry naming rights, enabling a donor to commemorate or memorialize a person or organization. For further information on any of these initiatives, please contact Kevin Salaway, Director of Development and University Relations, at 570-450-3015 or via email at kjs27@psu.edu


Scholarship recipient

Ensuring Student Opportunity (Scholarships)

“My scholarship has helped me do better in school because I’m motivated to pay closer attention in class and study harder for tests. I’ve achieved a high GPA (grade point average) in my first year of college because I know that someone else has invested in my education, and I want to make the most of that investment. I’m proud of myself for working to my full ability, and my parents are happy about my grades and the financial help.”
—John Coleman recently completed his first year at Penn State Hazleton.


Honors student

Enhancing Honors Education 

"The honors program at Penn State Hazleton has enriched my education by allowing me to network with students and professionals, attend conferences, and enroll in honors courses. For me, the program has been challenging and rewarding, especially in the way we’re encouraged to get to know our classmates and our professors. This year, I got to attend the S.T.A.R.T. Conference at University Park through the honors program to learn about diversity in the business world."
—Natilee Weldon is a Supply Chain and Information Systems major. She hopes to work for a logistics firm after graduation.

Student leader

Enriching the Student Experience

“Being involved on campus has helped me to realize that I have a lot of skills to offer the student body. I truly enjoy participating in campus activities and hope to serve as a role model for other students. I’ve really enjoyed helping out with Thon because it’s a great way to interact with the region. This year, we opened up our events to the community, and we had a great response.”
—Courtney Kirschman is a Public Relations major and hopes to work for a university after graduation. She is involved in many campus organizations, including Thon, Student Government Association, and Blue & White Society.

Fostering innovation

Fostering Discovery and Creativity

“Gifts to support programs, acquire much-needed equipment and materials, and fund scholarships have made it possible for our undergraduates to participate in countless projects, from the installation of a wind turbine on campus to designing and building a solar car. Private funding is the reason we are able to bring in high school students who will benefit from some exposure to engineering and engineering technology as they consider higher education and potential careers. Philanthropy allows us to better serve our students, the community, and local industry.”
—Wes Grebski is an associate professor of engineering and coordinator of the Engineering Program at Penn State Hazleton

Community support

Sustaining a Tradition of Quality

“I believe strongly that whatever help a student gets from scholarships leaves a lasting good impression. The scholarship money may make it easier for our students to focus on their studies or even stay in school, which pays big dividends for our community and the country. When students receive help that contributes to their success, they will be motivated to do the same for others when they are able. That’s a wonderful cycle that should continue.”
—Pasco Schiavo is an attorney and community leader who chairs the For the Future campaign committee for Penn State Hazleton


Kevin Salaway
Director of Development and University Relations
Phone: 570-450-3015 
Fax: 570-450-3190