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Spring 2005 Hawk Mountain TripSpring 2005 Honors Trip to Hawk Mountain

“In climbing Hawk Mountain, I noticed some particular qualities that were important in the hike are also influential in maintaining success in the business world. Concepts such as endurance and patience are integral in both areas in that they help show us that we must be smart and tough in order to achieve our goals.” (Mike Mucci)

“Hiking at Hawk Mountain made me more aware of the importance of communication. It is important to the success of the mission that everyone understands the end objective as well as the means towards that end.” (Abdalla Nassar)

“Upon our arrival home from the adventure, I was able to reflect on what was gained from this experience. With the mountain serving as a metaphor for the business world, many of the challenges faced were relevant to my professional goals. For instance, I recognized the importance of working as a team…it is not one person who will lead a group but many.”“A small rope taught me the most important lesson of all during this expedition. I took away the importance of how to minimize a loss when faced with changing information.”   (Charles Aikman)

“This trip has shown me that leadership plays a critical role in the organization of a group. In the middle of the woods anything could have happened. Fifteen people with different opinions trying to find their way through unfamiliar territory made me more aware of the stresses that a leader faces.” (Justin Falatko)

"The best leader of the day, in my opinion, was not in my group. I found I responded best to Nick who helped another student throughout the entire hike. That’s the kind of person I want to lead me - the kind of person who is willing to stay behind to help those who need it.”   (Krista Lingenfelter).

“During the hike on Hawk Mountain I learned more than a few lessons about success in the workplace. For example, I learned that it is never too late to change your mind. The rope knot exercise helped me to discover that a wrong decision is only wrong if you are too stubborn to change your mind and admit to being incorrect.” (Redona Methasani)

“As my team reached the summit one of my biggest fears, heights, had to be faced. If I doubted myself I never would have made it to my goal but with confidence in myself and the help of others, I climbed on. Confidence allowed me to focus on success and truly shine as a leader even as my legs buckled under me.” (Jennifer Bieda)
“I felt the hike on Hawk Mountain was an appropriate way to conclude our leadership seminar. The hike delivered a well-balanced challenge to our abilities. Starting with the simple warm-up exercise, the day concentrated a lot on teamwork, which is essential to developing leadership skills. In a few short years, we will all be put to the test in the workplace and we must be capable of interacting with team members in the face of obstacles.” (Greg Wentzell)
“The hike allowed me to assess my leadership qualities from a different standpoint. Instead of doing it instinctively, I had to acknowledge every time I led or was put into a leadership position. I greatly appreciated this class. The hike was amazing.” (Matt Koegler)

“The skills I’ve learned in this class will most definitely be used throughout my life.” (Keith George)

Honors Montreal Trip 2004


Spring 2004 Honors Trip to Montreal

"The Honors Arts Experience Trip was a great opportunity to visit Canada, explore a foreign culture, and experience the unique atmosphere of the city of Montreal. I was able to spend time with honor students, Dr. Price, and his wife Dr. Goldman-Price in a different setting, together exploring the city. Students were able to get to know each other better in an outside-of-the-classroom environment. I believe it is very important for us to be able to adjust to a foreign setting, communicate with local people, and experience a different culture. We were able to meet with a student from Montreal and talk about similarities and differences between U.S. and Canada. Montreal is a city I would definitely like to visit again, and I am looking forward to another honors trip." 

Jacek Turowski
Penn State Hazleton Honors Student


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