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Arts and Humanities

Beatriz Garcia Glick, Instructor in Spanish

Daniel Mansson, Assistant Professor in Communication, Arts, and Science

Justin Nordstrom, Associate Professor of History

Patrick O'Neill, Instructor in Art History

Jerry Pierce, Assistant Professor of History

Shane Ralston, Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Thomas Smialek, Professor of Music and Integrative Arts

Molly Wertheimer, Professor of Communication Arts & Sciences


Business and Economics

Marzieh Bolhassani, Assistant Professor of Economics

Zugang Liu, Associate Professor of Business Administration

Paul McDermott, Instructor in Business Administration

Sherry Robinson, Associate Professor of Business Administration



Pavel Azalov, Associate Professor of Computer Science

Kenneth Dudeck, Associate Professor of Engineering

Wieslaw Grebski, Associate Professor of Engineering

Joseph Ranalli, Assistant Professor of Engineering



Steven Accardi, Assistant Professor of English

Charles Dewald, Instructor in English

Maggie Gordon Froehlich, Associate Professor of English

Pete Froehlich, Assistant Professor of English

James Manis, Senior Instructor in English

Eileen Morgan, Instructor in English

Jane Waitkus, Senior Instructor in English

Elizabeth Wright, Associate Professor of English


Health and Human Development

Kristen Karnish, Instructor in Physical Therapy

Rosemarie Petrilla, Senior Instructor in Physical Therapy

Karen Stylianides, Instructor in Kinesiology

Gina Tarud, Instructor in Physical Therapy


Information Sciences and Technology

Barbara Brazon, Senior Instructor in IST

Eric Lu, Associate Professor in IST



Jose Alfredo Jimenez, Associate Professor of Mathematics

Semyon Litvinov, Associate Professor of Mathematics

Frank Marko, Professor of Mathematics

Gina Monks, Instructor in Mathematics

Nicole Young, Instructor in Mathematics



Patricia Ferry, Senior Instructor in Biology

Carl Frankel, Assistant Professor of Biology

Christopher Goguen, Associate Professor of Biology

Frank Novak, Instructor in Chemistry

Dinesh Patel, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

David Starling, Assistant Professor of Physics

Daniel Vice, Senior Instructor in Earth and Mineral Sciences

Amie Yenser, Senior Instructor in Biology

Xing-Guo Zhang, Associate Professor of Physics


Social Sciences and Education

Peter Crabb, Professor of Psychology

Lisa Goguen, Associate Professor of Psychology

Yusuke Hayashi, Assistant Professor of Psychology

Rosalie Muroski, Instructor in Sociology

Michael Polgar, Associate Professor of Sociology


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