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Army ROTC is an elective course you take in college alongside your prescribed major course of study.  ROTC is not a major in itself!  ROTC is designed to develop and enhance the leadership and management skills of today's students.  While in ROTC, students lead the life of a normal college student but have the added bonus of training in communication, time management and personnel organization.  Upon graduation, you may earn a commission as a Second Lieutenant, an officer in the United States Army.


ROTC Color GuardYou can sample Army ROTC at the Penn State Hazleton Campus for up to two years with absolutely no military obligation.  Introductory courses teach the fundamentals of leadership along with the organization of the U.S. military and basic soldiering skills, and are applicable to your academic major's elective requirements.  As a participant in our basic program, you are also eligible for the many exciting extracurricular and social activities within Penn State's ROTC program.


To get a more rounded assessment of what our program is all about, you can join a variety of clubs and organizations with Army ROTC.  At the Hazleton Campus, you can join the Ranger Club.  It provides additional tactical training and physical conditioning to cadets who enjoy the more adventurous side of life.  There is also a rifle team and numerous other clubs that can provide additional opportunities for involvement.

At the main campus of Penn State at University Park, cadets have the opportunity to participate in one of the most visible organizations on campus.  It is the Lion's Guard, the Penn State Army ROTC drill team.  Their highly disciplined and polished drill movements can be observed as they present the colors at Nittany Lion home football and basketball games.  There are many more honor societies, clubs and activities available at the main campus of Penn State.


If you decide to stay in the program and enroll in ROTC at University Park, you will be enrolled in the ROTC Advanced Course and begin to collect up to a $500 non-taxable monthly stipend given to all junior and senior cadets.

Much of your involvement your junior year will be leadership training in preparation for Advanced Camp, a five week course in leadership held at Fort Lewis, Washington.  This training, held in the summer between your junior and senior years, is the challenging and exciting culmination of your first three years in ROTC.  Under the watchful eye of experienced officers and NCOs , you will undergo realistic training and evaluation on Army weapons systems, tactics, and other tasks.  Your leadership skills will be cultivated and enhanced.  You will apply the skills you learn at Advanced Camp when you return to Penn State for your senior year.

Senior cadets are given cadet officer rank and assigned the task of planning and executing training for all the cadets of the Nittany Lion Battalion.  This final phase of training has proven to be a highly successful tool in the development of young officers.


Upon graduation, you will be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army Reserve.  Each year, approximately 70 percent of our graduating seniors request and receive active duty positions in the active component of the Army.  These new leaders will have full-time jobs after leaving Happy Valley, and enjoy all the benefits of travel and future job experience available to Army officers.

After serving your three-year commitment (four-years for scholarship winners), the choice is yours to either (1) continue to pursue a career in the Army, or (2) take the experience you gained, along with your Penn State degree, and move on to a successful civilian career.


Giving Penn State Army ROTC a try is as easy as registering for any other course.  If you are an incoming first-year student, simply add Army 101 to your list of courses during your first semester.  If you are already at Penn State, you can use the phone registration system or stop by the Memorial Building for more information.

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