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Penn State welcomes international students and provides opportunities for students to study abroad.

International Students 

International applicants are those who require any type of visa in order to attend Penn State. Our Admissions and Financial Aid information are linked directly to the University's site for International admissions information.

Penn State Hazleton invites international students to apply for admission. As a diverse community, students from around the world help to create and develop the Hazleton experience for all.

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International Student Arrival Thursday, August 20, 2015

Study Abroad Students

Students at Penn State Hazleton can participate in the Penn State Education Abroad program and study in foreign countries for varying periods of time—a week, a summer, a semester, or a full year.

The objective is to offer our students a broader education than can be obtained through classroom experiences. To help foster this mindset, the University has developed a number of international minors that will guide interested students toward the achievement of their academic goals with a focus on the larger global community.

Contact Dr. Sherry Robinson via email at skr12@psu.edu or by phone at 570-450-3559 for more information.

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