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Students are encouraged to work closely with their academic advisers throughout their enrollment at Penn State. For information about a program at another campus or outside your advisor's area of expertise, visit the Advising Center or talk with a college representative knowledgeable about that program.

This page provides a list of campus representatives who can provide information about academic programs offered throughout the University.


Arts & Architecture

Thomas Smialek
Phone: 570-450-3058
Email: tws4@psu.edu

Agricultural Sciences

Amie Yenser
Phone: 570-450-3082
Email: alv10@psu.edu

Smeal College of Business Administration

Paul McDermott
Phone: 570-450-3533
Email: pam53@psu.edu

Bachelor of Science in Business Program

Paul McDermott
Phone: 570-450-3533
Email: pam53@psu.edu


Charles Dewald
Phone: 570-450-3558
Email: cxd35@psu.edu

Division of Undergraduate Studies

Advising Center
Phone: 570-450-3194
Email: advisehn@psu.edu

Earth & Mineral Sciences

Advising Center
Phone: 570-450-3194
Email: advisehn@psu.edu


Tammy Spevak
Phone: 570-450-3026
Email: tus25@psu.edu


Kenneth Dudeck
Phone: 570-450-3085
Email: ked2@psu.edu

Health & Human Development

Rosalie Muroski
Phone: 570-450-3196
Email: rtm2@psu.edu

Information Sciences & Technology

Barbara Brazon
Phone: 570-450-3089
Email: bxb30@psu.edu

Letters, Arts & Sciences

Maggie Froehlich
Phone: 570-450-3134
Email: mgf10@psu.edu

Liberal Arts

Michael Polgar
Phone: 570-450-3103
Email: mfp11@psu.edu

Eberly College of Science

Carl Frankel
Phone: 570-450-3080
Email: csf1@psu.edu

Physical Therapist Assistant

Rosemarie Petrilla
Phone: 570-450-3042
Email: rxp21@psu.edu

Medical Laboratory Technology

Patricia Ferry
Phone: 570-450-3090
Email: pdf1@psu.edu


Justin Nordstrom
Phone: 570-450-3037
Email: jan13@psu.edu