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Guide to New Student Orientation Division of Undergraduate Studies

Objectives of the New Student Orientation

Once you have completed the online Educational Planning Survey and the online placement tests in Math and Chemistry, the next component of NSO is a full day of academic advising. This advising portion of NSO assists new first-year students in evaluating their educational plans by providing them with a comprehensive program of individualized educational planning and academic advising prior to registering for Fall classes.


This program is the first stage of your academic advising, and it is designed to help you implement your educational plans.

When you participate in the New Student Orientation:

  • You will be introduced to the academic structure of Penn State. This includes discussion of Penn State’s colleges, types of programs offered by each college, and graduation requirements for a Penn State degree. You will become acquainted with the Hazleton campus, its policies and procedures, and some of its faculty and staff.
  • You will meet with an adviser for individual educational planning. The adviser will discuss with you your educational plans and the characteristics of those academic programs in which you have expressed an interest. As a result of this meeting, your initial educational plans may be confirmed, or you may decide on an alternate educational plan.
  • You will have the opportunity to plan a schedule of courses for your first semester at the University. You will also learn about other colleges within the University system that may be of interest to you.


Families may attend the New Student Orientation because NSO is an excellent time to receive valuable information about Penn State’s policies and procedures.

We feel that the educational planning and academic advising you receive through this program will benefit you significantly in working toward your educational goals.


Description of Major Activities of the New Student Orientation

Introduction to the Program (Students and Families): The New Student Orientation — its objectives and its activities—will be discussed.

Presenting the University to First-Year Students (Students and Families): A presentation will outline the academic structure of the University and provide an overview of the academic experience at Penn State.

Individual Educational Planning Interview (Students): A NSO adviser will discuss the student’s test results and help the student evaluate his/her educational plans, curricular goals, and other issues related to the academic experience at Penn State

University Experience (Students and families): During this meeting, students will learn of the educational mission of the University, discuss the nature of the transition from high school to college, and discuss the opportunities available in a diverse academic community.

Academic Advising Interview (Students): Academic advisers will assist students in course selection for their first semester of enrollment.


What should I do if I have special needs?

The Pennsylvania State University encourages qualified persons with disabilities to participate in its programs and activities. If you anticipate needing any type of accommodation or have questions about the physical access provided, please contact the NSO office at 570-450-3194 at least two weeks before your participation and call Jacqueline Walters at Hazleton 570-450- 3005 to make her aware of your situation.


Penn State is committed to affirmative action, equal opportunity, and the diversity of its workforce.